Army Day | Indian Army Day 2022: Date, Significance, History

introduction – This year on the 15th Jan 2022, we are celebrating the 74th Army day. Indian armed forces mainly having three wings. Indian Army, Indian Air Force & Indian Navy. Indian forces. Indian Army is an integral component of Indian Armed forces.

On this day, we salute to all those brave fighters who have sacrificed their lives for protecting the motherland and maintain the integrity of the nation. As we know, for a soldier motherland is always comes first for him so our Indian Army motto is also that “service before self”. It means to serve the nation and protect the motherland is the aim of a soldier.

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History of Indian Army Day 2022

The Indian Army was originated from the East India company forces, it was known as the ‘British Indian Army and eventually after Independence, it is the known as the National Army.

The Indian Army was established on 1st April 1895 by the British, Before this the Govt of British East India Company established a military department in 1776. British Indian Army participated in the world war II along side Allies. During the world war I,13 lakh Indian soldiers participated and during the world war II, 1.3 lakh Indian soldiers fought the war for the Allies.

When India Gov. Independence, at that time out of 10 Gaurkha Regiments four wat transferred to the British army and remaining 6 Regiments were divided between the newly formed States India and Pakistan. However Indian Army was established on April 1st But Army day is celebrated on 15th Jan In India.

Indian Army Day 2022
Indian Army Day 2022

Why we celebrate Army day on 15th JAN

When India got independence the command of the Indian Army was in the hands of the British General Sir Francis Butcha So hand over the full control of Country in the hands of Indians, The command of Army was handed over to then Lieutenant General K.M. Cariappa. Later he became the field Marshal. Hence Field Marshal Cariappa was the first Indian Army chief of independent India on 15th Jan 1949.


– Chamber Of Secrets : Review

This was the remarkable and memorable day for the Indian to Get the first Indian Commander-in-chief. Hence the transfer of command of Army in hands of an Indian citizen on January 15 is marked as Army day. The day is celebrated in the form of parades and military shows. On this day Indian Army shows it power by displaying their tanks, missiles and modern arms. Gallantry awards and Sena medals are awarded to our valiant soldiers for displaying courage on this day.

Rank structured in Indian army

For non comissioned
Lance Naik
Naib Subedar
Subedar Major
For Comissioned Officers
Lieutenant Colonel
Major General
Lieutenant Genral
Field Marshal

Facts About Indian Army

  • According to Global fire Power Index 2017, Indian Army is considered the world’s fourth strongest army.
  • The Indian Army was founded by the British on 1st April 1895.
  • First Commander in. Chief of Indian Army was field Marshal K M Cariappa.
  • The first field Marshal of India was Sam Manekshaw.
  • In 2020, Captain Tania Shergill became first female officer to command an Army Day Parade.
  • The Motto of Indian Army is “service before self”
  • The Supreme Commander of the Indian Armed forces is the president of India. It is mentioned on Article 53 of our constitution.
  • Head quarter of Indian Army is in New Delhi.
  • Indian Army is the only Army who never initiated a war, from his side.
  • Indian Army controls the highest battlefield, siachen Glacier.

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