Chambers of secrets – Movie Review, Budget, Earning, Film Stars

Chamber is a place which is reserved for performing certain activities and secret means something that is kept hidden from others.

Chamber of Secrets is a mystical place

Pen woman J.K Rowling wrote alluring novels on imaginary character – Harry Potter . Harry potter and chamber of secrets is one of the amazing novel among those. C. Columbus turned this novel into a blockbuster movie. Chamber of Secrets was released on 2002

Chamber of Secrets
Chamber of Secrets

Chamber of Secrets Overview

Film stars –

1. Daniel Redcliffe (as Harry Potter)
2. Rupert Grint (as Ron Weasley) and
3. Emma watson ( as hermione Granger) and many more

Producer– David Heyman.

Director – C Columbus.

Music -. John Williams

Production Houses – Warner Bros, Heyday Films and 1942 Pictures.

Released on -. 15 Nov 2002 (UK & US)

Language – English

Duration – 161 minutes

Budget -. $ 100 million

Box Office – $ 879.6 million


Chambers of secrets – Movie Review

  • This movie is blockbuster and achieved 2nd top grossing movie of 2002 after The lord of the Rings : The Two Towers
  • This movie is the sequel of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.
  • This movie ( Chambers of secrets ) exhibit 2nd year of Harry Potter at Hogwarts school of witchcraft and Wizardry ( heir of Salazar Slytherin) where he opens the Chambers of Secrets , unleashing a monster who petrified the Schools’ denizens.
  • In this sequel ( Chambers of secrets) the same cast of the first movie worked together and three more characters included namely K Branagh, Jason Isaacs and G Jones.
  • The character of professor Albus Dumbledore done by Richard Harris died in the same year was a shock.
  • The making of chambers of secrets started in November 2001 and concluded in July 2002.
  • Chambers of secrets nominated for various awards like – BAFTA ( Best Production Design, Sound and Best Special Visual Effects)

This movie ( Chambers Of Secrets ) reveal while enjoying the summer with Dursleys, Potter met Dobby who gives warning that it was too dangerous to go back to Hogwarts. Then Dobby obstruct dinner for Dursleys who locked up Potter to obstruct his return to Hogwarts and as this movie continue suspence and thriller gives audience enjoyable environment.

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